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How to Select the Right Pool Design

Can you believe it? The day is finally here. It’s time to start shopping for pool designs—assuming this is how you wound up on this page. If a pool is something you have been dreaming of for awhile, you may already have the exact type and design in mind. Regardless of where you are in this process, in this blog we at Imperial Pools & Landscape would like to share with you some things to consider when selecting a pool.

As Phoenix and Scottsdale’s leading custom pool builders and landscapers, we take tremendous pride in the work we do. Over the years, our innovative designs and obsessive attention to detail have earned us a 100% client satisfaction rating. Another big reason for this proven track record is the fact that we work closely with our clients to find the ideal pool design. When working with our clients to find the perfect pool design and style, here are some of the few things we consider.


The first step in determining the pool design and type that is right for your home is to examine your available space. When allocating this area, you will want to keep in mind all other features you want to add (we’ll mention some below) and how much space you want to set aside for traffic and greenery. After establishing the parameters of your available space, you can then go to think about other matters like style and design. For example, if space is not an issue and a rectangular pool seems too boring, you can work with your local pool contractors to develop a unique design and shape that excites your imagination and satisfies all your pool wants.


As always, your budget is an integral part of the pool decision-making process. As might be expected, bigger pools with more features require more of a budget. Though we won’t assume the role of financial advisor, we do suggest that you work with your local swimming pool builders to find a pool that fits into your budget—one that you already have allocated funds for. This way you can spend your days truly enjoying its presence, not lamenting its price.  

Primary Users

This is a very basic but important question to consider when selecting a pool: who will mostly be using it? Though pool designs aren’t exclusive to specific users, some designs make more sense than others. For example, if your primary users are those who like to swim laps, you are going to want a lap pool—not a geometric or sprawling lagoon style pool. Similarly, if you have teenagers, you might want to consider a deep-end and a diving board. And if your main focus is on relaxation, you will likely want to find a solution that revolves around relaxation—perhaps a custom built spa with a variety of relaxing features.


As we mentioned in our most recent blog post, unique pool features—like a slide, waterfall, a sheet of rain, or some other custom-built feature—have the ability to turn a nice pool into a backyard oasis. The features you want your pool to have is something you will want to consider in the early parts of your pool planning.


Beautiful landscaping is an essential part of creating your own outdoor oasis. To really maximize the presence of complementing features, you’ll want to consider these outdoor elements early in the process. Do you want a pergola? A bar? A custom BBQ pit with a large paved area? A variety of plants and trees? Depending on your available space, your pool contractors may have to adjust the size and design of your pool to accommodate these wishes.

When it comes to building a custom swimming pool, the possibilities are seemingly endless. This is especially true when you consider all that you can do with landscaping and other outdoor features.


If making these decisions seems overwhelming, don’t fret. Experienced pool companies and builders can work with you to create the pool and outdoor area of your dreams. At Imperial Pools & Landscape, we have earned a reputation for creating some of Arizona’s most creative pools, landscaping features, and outdoor designs, and we work very closely with our clients to help them create the pool of their dreams.

Curious what we can do? Check out some of our past projects here. Contact us today to learn more!



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