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Tips for Designing an Energy Efficient Pool

Homes with pools can use roughly 49% more electricity a year than homes without pools. Whether you are trying to be a better steward of the Earth, trying to save money, or both, designing your pool to be energy efficient is a rewarding decision. As Phoenix pool builders with years of experience creating custom pools, there are a number of things we can do to help improve the efficiency of your custom built pool.

Learn more about us, check out our pool portfolio, and contact us with any questions. At Imperial Pools & Landscape, we take tremendous pride in the pools we build. This, in addition to our experience and expertise, is why we are proud to say that we have a track record of 100% client satisfaction. We work with each client to not only create the custom pool of their dreams but also turn their backyard into an outdoor oasis.

How to Make Your Custom Pool More Energy Efficient

Opt for a Dark Finish

Dark colors naturally absorb more light from the sun. If you choose to finish your pool with a darker color, this can provide you with free pool heat throughout the year. This is especially helpful if you use your pool early or late in the season. However, with the abundance of light and heat we get here in Arizona, some pool owners don’t prefer this. Consult with your pool company to discuss the potential impact and if a darker finish is right for you.cta1

Don’t Skimp on the Pump

Pumps use a lot of energy, and opting for a more efficient one can significantly cut your utility costs. For example, compared to a single-speed pump, a variable-speed pump can reduce energy usage by 30-45%, which as you can imagine surely adds up over a season. Additionally, research suggests that pool owners could save as much as 75% of original pump bill by sizing down pumps and not running them constantly. A timer can be a great way to ensure you are not running your pump needlessly.

Choose High-Efficiency Heating

Ideal pool temperatures can vary from pool owner to pool owner. Thankfully, here in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, a lot of pool owners don’t need to use pool heaters all year round. Heaters are one of the most costly parts of owning a pool and, therefore, one of the surest ways to maximize your pool’s energy efficiency. When looking for the best heating option for your new custom pool, be sure to pay particularly close attention to their reported energy-efficiency. Additionally, consider opting for a solar heater. This is ultra-efficient, especially with all the sunshine we get here in Arizona.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Although this isn’t exactly something that can be incorporated into your pool design, it is an essential pool saving tip. The more debris that you have in your pool, the harder your pump has to work, which means the more energy your pump will demand. Keeping your drains clean and clear can ensure that your pool cleaning system is running optimally. On top of factoring in energy efficiency into your pool design, there are a number of pool products and preventative pool maintenance routines that can drastically improve the efficiency of your swimming pool.

Ready to start discussing how you can maximize the energy efficiency of your custom pool? Contact Imperial Pools & Landscape! We are always striving to be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as we can be with our pool designs and technology. We are proud carriers of Pentair® equipment and their Eco Select brand. And with every project we take on, we take the time to analyze and configure the most efficient and cost-effective construction plan possible.

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