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You can enhance your pool area with plants such as palm trees. It is one of the easiest ways of replicating natural bodies of water. With a few additions, you can transport yourself to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean without ever leaving your own property. Whether it’s a live palm tree or an accurate outdoor artificial palm, these gorgeous trees will enhance any backyard design.
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Plants & Shrubs

You can create a beautiful oasis by simply adding landscaping around your yard. When doing so, we look for colorful, lush landscapes that won’t drop leaves or seed heads into the water. Popular client choices include Papyrus, Bird of Paradise, Fortnight Lilies, Hibiscus Flowers, Day Lilies, Agapanthus, and Heavenly Bamboo.
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Adding trees around your yard will increase the privacy and can also provide shade. We guide our clients towards planting trees that either have shallow root systems or that can be grown in large containers. This helps lessen the chance of roots compromising the plumbing or cracking concrete. Our top recommendations are Japanese Maple, Citrus Trees, Banana Trees and False Cypress.
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