Landscape Design Process

Ideas & Planning

If you are considering a fresh new landscape in your front or backyard the first step is the overall look you want. We will take notes on styles, shapes, plants, hardscapes to help achieve your dream look. We put a lot of time into the design so the idea must be rock solid for us to work with. When our designer comes out to measure and take info, be sure to provide him with everything you can think of that you want. Even if you have pictures to show, go ahead and show him. This is the idea and planning stage. 

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Designing & Developing

After we have the initial idea of what you want your lush landscape to look like, we then put on our “thinking” caps. We spend hours looking at your homes’ exact measurements to come up with a design that best fits your wants, needs and budget. We then use state of the art 3D technology to design you the front or backyard of your dreams. After we have finished making the design in the 3D studio, we will then provide you with video footage and screenshots of your new landscape. More questions? Click the link below!

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